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The largest survey to date of the opinions and attitudes of Black people in Britain has revealed a central split on the question of British pride.
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Largest ever survey of Black Britons reveals racism concerns across education, health, and sport

The largest ever survey of black British people has revealed fewer than half feel proud of the country they live in - ITV News Reporter Pablo Taylor explains.

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Fewer than half British black people consider themselves ‘proud to be British’

The largest survey of black British people found fewer than half of respondents considered themselves proud to be British.

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Black British Voices project: Major national study aims to redefine black Britishness

"Much has been said about us and to us, but we have not always been able to speak for ourselves, to define ourselves as a community", says Paulette Simpson CBE.

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Less than half of black Britons feel proud to be British, landmark study says

Campaigners say findings are a wake-up call and highlight ‘chronic level of racial disparities’ in UK

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Launch of survey into Black British identity hailed as UK first

Survey to run over summer and focus on issues such as education, business, health and media.

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"Being Black and British is an abundance of joy"

Major survey will explore evolution of Black British identity.

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Just 1 in 10 Black Brits are ‘definitely proud to be British’

The biggest social attitudes survey of Black Brits found that just 12 percent were ‘definitely’ proud to be British, and less than half (49 percent) felt British at all.

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98% of Black Brits have to compromise who they are at work

Dealing with workplace hostility is exhausting, say experts in response to our Black British Voices study

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Young Black Britons do not see Britain as their permanent home

Blaxit trend continues amid cost of living crisis and systemic racism, according to the new Black British Voices study by The Voice

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Barbara Blake Hannah: “I am African. I am Jamaican. I am British”

"We are British. It's our birth right and it's the only thing Britain has given us as reparations for the cruel history of slavery" writes Barbara Blake Hannah.

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Black British Voices: Black women, mothers and children remain unprotected

“Momentary shock and outrage will not save black women - only structural change and action will,” say Cambridge students Aisling and Maya

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Black British Voices: Am I black enough for Britain?

The real question is – why does society feel there is only one way to be black?

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"I have to feel optimistic...but there's still a very long way to go"

Watch principal investigator Dr Kenny Monrose discuss the significance of the Black British Voices Project on Sunday Morning Live. Available on BBC iPlayer (from 46:23 mins in).

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