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maggie semple

"We want this project to be a real gamechanger"

- Dr Maggie Semple OBE

The Black British Voices project aims to bring voices together from across the nation, creating a shared platform to build understanding and community.


​​Join our crowdfunder

We've launched an online crowdfunding initiative to ensure we not only succeed in our initial aims, but also so we can transform the project into a regular annual survey.

Our funders will become key supporters of this unique project with the potential to transform the Black British community at a time when the voices of Black Britons need more than ever to be heard, documented, amplified and shared. By expanding ownership within Black British communities, we will emphasise that
Black voices matter and enable us to identify critical obstacles to greater inclusivity and recognition for Black communities in the UK.

The crowdfunding platform is hosted by the University of Cambridge, but you do not need to have studied there and can skip the login option when you make a donation.

 Support the Black
British Voices Project 

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